Saturday, October 6, 2012

Key tag cozy

Key tag cozy

This is something I have been thinking about for a while and finally made because everything needs a cozy!

 The inspiration for this is that I have a lot of tags and being that they are open on a ring the bar codes rub off and some are chipped. For this I knit it flat in a version of double knitting that allows you to knit an open tube in the round and flat at the same time. 2 rows = 1 round

Materials needed:
size 2 needles - you will need at least 3 needles. For mine I used double point needles (but I treated them like straights)

Small amount of sock yarn

 In short this is a stockinette tube with a small rib on the open end. You can work it on DPN's or with magic loop. This is just a fun way to try a different double knitting technique.

Cast on 20 stitches (in even amounts if you need more or less). I used the long tail cast on and snugged my stitches up together to keep the end from flaring out because these stitches will be shared between  2 sides.

body of cozy:
*slip all stitches purlwise with yarn in front

s1,  p1,  repeat to end of row, turn

repeat this row untill the tube is about 2 inches long. If you are skipping the ribbing, make this section a few rounds longer. 

Ribbing (optional) :
s1, p1, s1, k1,repeat to the end of row, turn

Repeat this row untill you have about 5 rounds of ribbing.

bind off:
this is where the other needle comes in handy. When you have finished your last row you still have all the stitches shared on one needle.
 Now take 2 needles and slip the stitches onto them diving the stitches between front and back to open the tube. Slip the 1st stitch onto the back needle, 2nd stitch onto the front... *remember, I'm left handed so I'm slipping my stitches onto the needles in my left hand.

 Repeat this untill the stitches are divided and your tube is open
Now bind off in pattern using a stretchy bind off. knitting the knits and purling the purls. p1, k1, slid both back and k2tog, *p1, slide both stitches back and p2tog, k1, slide both stitches back and k2tog*. repeat between * and * untill all stitches are bound off.

Tie in your ends.

putting this on your key ring

Leave your finished tube purl side outout
In the center about 3-4 rows down from your cast on edge, slid this onto your ring slopping through both sides at the same spot. Try not to split the stitches.

Now just turn it knit side out  


Nicole said...

What a great idea and very cute!

Anonymous said...

I made one of these about a year ago, and it got a hole in last week. I have been looking for this pattern! It's awesome! Thanks for a great pattern! I love it!