Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What it looks like when I try to quilt

So, we are clearing out or storage and I came across my old quilting project. Now I must mention that i do have my own sewing machine but I'm not very good with it, nor do I have any idea how to quilt.
My Grandma gave me a box stuffed with fabric scraps and I had a image in my mind. I started and I called it a "crazy quilt" simply because it's crazy. Later I found out that crazy quilts are done in block form and nobody had seen anyone make a quilt like this. I guess that's what happens when you don't know anything and set out to do something like quilting.
The stitching is secure, Where the edges didn't meet well I simply stuck a piece of fabric over top (with edges folded under) and just kept slapping on swatches of fabric where I thought they needed to be.
My initial mental plan was to make it large enough then cut it square and bind it to a backing and tie it off with random buttons across the top.
Now I'm not so sure if it will work or be a wasted effort. I did make sure each piece was ironed flat and the place where i placed it was also flat. Also none of the fabric swatches have stretch to them.
So, what does anyone out there think?


tisme said...

Rachel, I think it is great and you have to finish it! If you don`t want to get it big enough for a lap quilt, make a pillow out of it.

Sue O said...

While many books will tell you that crazy quilts are made in squares, your method is probably how they were made originally! If you ever get to see a VERY old crazy quilt you would see that it looks very much like what you have done. Most of the Victorian Era ones were embellished like mad! Each join had either embroidery or lace or something that covered it. I have seen a very very old example that had very little embellishment to it, just in a few places and it was signed in embroidery. I think the embellishment it did have was to hide and reinforce some poor seams lol.

Great job and I say finish it! Either just a wallhanging size or larger if you like but it will be a great way to remember your Grandma in year ahead.