Friday, September 2, 2011



This is my new pattern I'm offering up. It's qute a unique one and I pulled the stitch out of the book Reversible Knitting: 50 brand-new, groundbreaking stitch patterns .

I worked up a smaller piece so that i would have an image of a finished object for the pattern but I intend to make this into a scarf.

This is a rows within rows pattern, it is worked in one piece without breaking or joining the yarn. Even though the body of the fabric only requires 2 rows, each of those rows have smaller rows within them as you work across completing one point at a time. It is fun and gives you a mini sense of completion with each point you finish!

This does require a lot of turning so may not be for everyone (but what pattern is?)

I am working mine on size 4 needles using sock/lace weight wool yarn. But this can be worked in any size yarn, just use the needles recommended for your yarn.

I accidentally took the photo upside down for this image (and used the same image on the pattern page). I've fixed it here but it's still upside down on the PDF

This is available as a PDF file

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