Sunday, January 29, 2012

Granny square sampler

So I am making the Granny square sampler found in the Better Homes and Gardens Treasury of Needle Craft . I have found major errors already and I'm 3 squares in. So I'm going to post my edited directions to complete the squares as I come across the errors. Now these won't be full block patterns but I'm posting them for anyone else who may have this book and want to try to make this blanket.

as an extra round on all blocks I'm working 1sc in each stitch around and 2sc, ch2, 2sc in each corner. this I think will help tie the colors together when I get to joining them.

A 1 - 6: these are simple, classic granny squares so no flaws there

B 1 - 5: on round 2 your stars will bunch less if you add 1 chain stitch to either side of the slip stitch that you use at the top of the points. Also at the beginning of this round simply attach your yarn w/a slip stitch (do not sc in same space) ch 1 and work pattern, ch1 slip stitch to top of next point...

B2: this one has major problems! Follow rounds 1-3 as written w/modifications noted above.
round4: join with a sc through top loops of chain 1 stitch (not in space), sc in same stitch, *2 sc in next stitch, 1sc in next 2 stitches, sc2tog, 1 sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc into next chain stitch (not into chain 1 space)* repeat from * around, join to 1st sc of round fasten off

round 5: Join with a sc to 1st sc of the 1st double sc at top of point, 1sc in next 3 stitches, *skip the next 2 sc, (1tc, 3dc, 1tc) in next stitch, skip next 2 stitches, 1 sc in next 4 stitches* repeat around ending on the TC of cluster and join to 1st sc join. fasten off

I did make an error in one of the spaces between points and only worked 2 dc instead of 3, but this also seemed to make the stitch count work for the next row. So you can either follow the error or fix it and just either skip a stitch in the next round or work 2 stitches together to get rid of the extra stitch

round 6: join yarn to 3rd dc of any 3dc group, ch4, 2tc in same space, ch3, 3tc in next stitch, *1dc in next 2 stitches, 1hdc in next stitch, 1sc in next 3 stitches, 1hdc in next stitch, 1dc in next 2 stitches, 3 tc in next stitch, ch3, 3tc in next stitch.* Repeat form * to * around and end on last DC, join to top of ch4 at beginning of round.

round 7: join in any ch 3 corner. sc in each stitch around on the sides and work the corners as 1sc, ch3, 1sc . join to beginning of round

round 8: join in any ch3 corner work corners as 3dc, ch3, 3dc, *skip next 2 stitches, 3dc in next stitch* repeat around and join to beginning of round.


I finished the group of C squares. the initial squares are fine (C1-4) C5 should be worked as...

rounds 1-3 work same as for C4,
round 4: work 1 sc in each stitch and chain space on straight edges, work corners as sc, ch2 sc.
Rounds 5-7: work same as for round 4
Round 8: work corners as 3 dc, ch2 3dc. for straight edeges skip 2 sc, 3sc in next sc repeat to next corner.

The top 3 squares are C1, the bottom left is C3 and the bottom right is C4

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