Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spinrite buys out the Caron yarn line

Don't know if anyone reading this has heard yet but Spinrite has bought Caron. Spinrite is the Canadian company that currently owns Bernat, Paton’s, Lily, Pisgah and the Michaels house brands of yarn. They are the company that bought Peaches n' Cream earlier this year.

Now Caron will no longer be an American company and will be moving to Canada. I will be looking to see what this means for the Caron line of yarns, particularly Simply Soft which is my favorite yarn for my lace scarfs.

I will also be keeping an eye out to see if this means they will be liquidating their US stock like they did with Peaches n' cream.


stephenCollines said...
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stephenCollines said...

I will be searching to see what this agency for the Caron band of yarns, decidedly Simply Soft which is my admired yarn for my applique scarfs.

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