Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't hurt your self doing the crafts you love!

We all know that typing can cause carpel tunnel syndrome and other aches and pains. But Don't forget that knitting and crocheting as well can cause repetitive motion injuries!

They recommend stretches for office workers, factory workers and anyone who does repetitive motion work with their hands. And when you think about it, if you have a love for knitting and crocheting (or any other hand crafts) we abuse our hands in the very same way that factory workers and office workers do. This abuse is doubled if you happen to have one of these jobs and than you craft in your spare time to relax.

I work in a factory. I have had my job now for 12 years but i have been working in factories sense I was 18 and i have been crocheting for about 14 years now and knitting a good few as well. So this adds up to... well... lots of abuse for my hands. I have even had surgery at one time on my elbow for pinched nerves (my hand fell asleep and didn't want to wake up).

Quite a few years ago the factory I work at started to do mandatory stretches before we went out to the floor to work in an effort to reduce repetitive motion injuries. these stretches really do help.

Well, I was a bit slow to figure it out but after a while when I really picked up crochet again I noticed that my hands were bugging me more. I finally decided to practice some of our stretches at home and they help greatly!

This is a blog post that highlights the stretches I like to use the most at home and work.

Also, if you craft and watch TV don't get caught up in a marathon session of knitting/crocheting and sit for hours on end doing your craft (we all know this is entirely possible). Take breaks. If you watch TV and craft, when a commercial comes on, get up and walk around, stretch your hands, arms, neck and shoulders.

Remember, repetitive motion injuries are not just for office and factory workers. Repetitive motion injuries can be suffered by anyone who does repetitive movements. And what can be more repetitive than a heated crochet session?

Get into a habit of taking breaks and doing stretches, your body will thank you!

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Jane McLellan said...

Thanks, this is for me, I do have a tendency to tat or knit for hours on end!