Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Granny Square Book

I am very selective about the knitting and crochet books I buy and very rarely get new ones.

That being said, I saw this one today and had to buy it! Now in general I prefer stitch dictonaries for knitting and pattern books for crochet.

This book really appears to be a great book! Now, I'm not a huge fan of crocheting the traditional granny square (though I do love the look of them) I do like motifs.

This book contains 75 different granny square motifs. Many of them are quite lacy and open. All the squares you see on the covers are contained in the book.

All the patters in this book are written out and also contain charted instructions and are accompanied by a clear and large full color image. Several also include instructions to make 1/2 squares (triangles) to match.

Along with the 75 square patterns are an additional 25 project patterns for things for the house, clothing, bags and other items you can make.

In the front of the book it covers the basics, hooks, yarn, stitches. IT also includes instructions for reverse single crochet and explains shells, popcorn stitch, billions, front and back post stitches and picots.

It also breifs you on reading instructions (written and symbols). Includes a comprehensive list of abreviations and symbols and also includes a term conversion chart for US to UK terms.

The book also discusses gauge, weaving in ends, picking up stitches along edges and various forms of seaming.

You can click on the covers for a larger and clear view.

you can get this book on Amazon - it is a hard cover book with spiral bound pages. Lays open flat.

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