Saturday, August 29, 2015

Row counters

These are nice counters that you can leave on your needle. You can't accidentally put them on the wrong row and they count to 100. You can also use them to track repeats of 10 rows or less.

What you need
Chain (closed loops are best. I got mine at Michael's)
Beading wire (I like the nylon coated wire)
Crimp beads
Cutters (to cut the wire)
Pliers (to crimp the crimp beads)
Lobster claw clasps
Whatever beads you like

Break the chain into 10 ring segments
Make a dangle on the lobster claw clasp and add crimp bead to secure
Add a bead to the end chain ring. This marks the bottom of the counter.

GET CREATIVE! Make them however you want. Make matching stitch markers if you want.

How it works:
As a 1-100 as row counter:
The clip represents the 10's place. The clip in the bottom ring is 0, so this is where you start.

You hang it from the needle in the corasponding ring.
Clip on the 1st ring and the 4th ring on the needle =row 4
Clip on the 5th ring and the 2nd ring on the needle=42

Move up to the next ring on the needle at the start of each row. When you've got the top ring on the needle in the next row move back to the 1st ring and move the clip up one ring.

To use as a 1-10 pattern repeat counter:
Place the clip on the ring for the last row of your repeat. Move up one ring per row. When you reach the marker you know you're on your last row of the repeat and return to the 1st ring on the next row.


Le-Chat said...

How clever!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Just popping by to let you know I still get lots of visits from your site with your version of the covered coat hangers. Thanks once again.