Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Drop stitch moebius cowl

Drop stitch moebius cowl
"The 80's will never die!"

This pattern is available on Ravelry!

Fingerling weight/sock yarn. I used:

Wild Hare Fiber Studio Hand Dyed Pinnacle Sock Yarn
colorway: Neon Lights
My cowl only took about 2/3 the hank. so this does not use much yarn at all! This particular yarn is UV reactive and will glow under black light
needle: Size 5 interchangable and a smaller size for the opposite end (I used a size 2 on the other end of mine) This will allow you to easily get all the wraps off the cord after they have worked their way around the cable. If you cannot use 2 different sized needles, this will be difficult to make! the stitches choke up on the cable as they work their way around the needle and are difficult to get back off to work them.

Co 155 (multiples of 10+5. Total stitch count will be multiples of 20+10) stitches using cats moebius co. To make the stitch pattern line up properly on both sides of the co edge you need to co in multiples of 10 + 5 giving you a total stitch count of multiples of 20 + 10.

For more information about the moebius cast on and other things about the moebius (including how to deal with wrong stitch counts), see my post: Demystifying the moebius!

Setup round: Place marker at the start of the round and purl one complete round. The 1st half will be really difficult to work as you don't have stitches, but just loops and the loops will be tight on the cabel. To help with this I have interchangeable needles and put the smallest tip I have (a size 2 in my set) on the end I knit my stitches off from. The 2nd half will be easier to knit. This also helps when knitting into the row with all the yo's as they tend to choke up on the cable as its being worked.
Round 1: (k6, yo, k1, yo 2, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo) repeat to end, m1

Round 2: purl all stitches. On multiple yo's, purl the 1st wrap while dropping the rest as you work

Round 3: knit

Round 4: purl

Round 5: k1, (yo, k1, yo2, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo, k6) repeat to end

Rounds 6, 7, and 8 are the same as 2, 3, and 4

*Only work the M1 on round 1. On all other repeats, just work this as a single knit stitch at the end of the row!

Repeat rounds 1 - 8 until the cowl is the desired width. Bind off loosely.

I did not block mine as I like the texture and ripply look of the fabric.

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