Sunday, July 10, 2016

Facebook 101

Wanted to put this in a post because i captured screen shots to help explain things.

These are a couple things you can do to customize your feed on Facebook. If you have friends who you don't want to unfriend, but you don't agree with, or find some things they post offensive and don't want to see or deal with it you can customize your feed in a couple ways.

Part 1
 Editing what you see on your wall

If you have someone you don't want to unfriend. but really don't want to see their post, you can unfollow them. This will mean that NONE of their posts will show up on your wall. You can, however, check out their wall at any time and see what they post.

Click/hover on the down arrow in the upper right corner of their post. I used an example of someone (who I have no intention of doing any of this to, but it's an example). 

A menu will drop down. If you click "unfollow" you will no longer see ANY of their posts.

If you generally like their post, but don't like some of the stuff they share and don't want to see those things. Click on the down arrow of a post they share. In the drop down menu will be an option to hide all from XXXX

This person shared a post from New Yorker Cartoons. If I found this offensive or irritating and didn't want to see anything from this page/group I could click the option "hide all from xxxx" Now I will no longer see any posts that are shared from this site/group (regardless of who shares them).

*Note: if you comment on something you will get notifications. If you don't want to get anymore notifications, you can select "Turn off notifications for this post" from the same drop down menu.

That little "turn on notifications" means you can be notified whenever activity happens on this post. you can click it and get notifications even if you don't post on it.

Part 2
Editing what others can see that you post

Now if you post a lot and have a wide variety of people on your friends list. Maybe you have people who hassle you about your posts. You don't want to unfriend them for reasons, but you would like them to just not see what you are posting. You can customize who sees your posts.

This is where groups comes in handy. You can make any groups you want and they are visible for you. The people in those groups do not know they are in them (unless it's a smart group). I use lots of groups mainly to help id where my friends come from. Also to keep family sorted out.

But here is how you can filter what others see from you.

Hover over their profile picture and hover/click on the "friends" box.

A menu will pop up. I have highlighted  "add to another list". If you click on this another menu will appear. You can then add/delete them from any group at any time. At the bottom will be a "new list" option. you can use this to create a new group. Once you have your groups sorted out you can use this to filter your output.

For this purpose I used my group "pearl clutchers" which is a group that I created that I put people in who are easily offended by my posts or share drastically different views than I do who might give me trouble when seeing what I post. I'm very liberal.

You can actually skip this step if you only have a particular person who  you don't want to see your stuff. See the next step if this is the case.

 So you have your groups sorted. you can then change your defaults.

When you are about to write a post, hover/click on your "friends" box as seen below. a menu will drop down. You can scroll down to "more options" and click that.

This will be the next screen that pops up. Here you can go down to the "don't share with..." section and type in the names of the people, or groups of people you do not want to see your general every day posts. This will become your default settings. When done just click to save the settings.

*Note: the check in the "friends of tagged" box. This means that any friends of anyone who is tagged in your post will be able to see that post and it will show up for them weather or not they are your friend.

If you un-click this box, the person tagged will get the notification that they have been tagged, but only mutual friends will also be able to see it.

Now when you write a post your audience is "custom" you can hover over the custom box to see what the current settings are. As you see here it's "friends; Except: pearl clutchers" . Now all my posts will be visible to all my friends, but not the ones who are in my "pearl clutchers" group(unless my friends have unfollowed me, or I shared something from a group/page they have blocked).

And that is how you can tidy up your Facebook feed,edit who sees your stuff and fend off drama.

Your new default won't change until you change it.  I prefer to write all my posts under my default. and if I want to make something public, or change it's settings, I'll go in after it's posted and edit the privacy.

If you change your settings before you post, the new settings become your default until you change it back. This is important to remember if you decide to make your post public by changing your settings before you post. This will change your default to public for the next post as well unless you change it back.

Hope this helps someone.

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