Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easy no sew mask

Easy DIY dust / sickness mask

This is a great design if you happen to need a quick face mask during the current pandemic. Or simply find you need a dust mask for your crafting and hobbies but either don't know how to sew or simply don't want to.

They gave us these black masks at work and I thought the design was super clever so I wanted to share. I was going to take measurements, but it's not really relevant  because size would also depend on the fabric you use. I used an XL tshirt for the grey one here. The shape is really basic and easy. I cut this out through both sides of the tshirt so I got 2 from one cut. Front and back of the shirt.

The mask part that covers your mouth will be as wide at the center of the mask. The triangle bits become part of the strap so it's not as wide as it may seem. Cut the corners rounded. If you're using tshirt material , it will stretch more. Also do not make your straps any narrower than 1 inch as they will roll into a rope. I cut the tshirt width wise.

You want to cut the mask part tall enough to cover your nose and pull under your chin. You also want the slits yo rest on your cheeks.

There are 2 slits on either side that you pull your straps through and this gives the mask a contour shape and fit.

 You can see the slits in sides of this one. You want to cut them small enough to pull the straps through. 1 XL tshirt width was fine for me. You want to make sure to cut out the triangles or it will be to bulky yo pull through the slits.
 If using tshirts, before you pull that you lay it flat and see which side the edge curls towards. This is the side you want to put towards your face.

These masks are incredibly easy to make and use. You can make them out of anything you want. Tshirts,  button up shirts. Old clothing, sheets and pillowcases you have laying around. Maybe cut them much larger than you think you'll need as it's always better to have to much and trim down till its perfect.  Then there's the.

I hope someone out there gets use from this.

I personally found the tshirt material more comfortable as it has more give.

Remember the coronavirus is very contagious and you can have it and spread it before you even feel sick. It is reccomend to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by basically keeping your breath to yourself.

My mask helps you and your mask helps me. I wear a mask if I have to be around people so that if I find out I have COVID-19 next week I know I did my part to try to stop the spread this week.

Be safe and be smart.

I'd love to know what you think of this mask. Drop a comment and have a great day!

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