Sunday, July 26, 2020

Healing a tattoo with saniderm wrap

O. K. This is a very off topic post for my blog. I have tattoos and love tattoos. I actually have 6, and got my 1st in the 90's. My blog is G's Crafts and Things... this is part of the n' Things. 😉

My latest tattoo is a Phoenix which I drew (I drew my other tattoos as well) and my artist took my drawing and came up with a masterpiece. I got this done by Amanda at Wealthy Street Tattoo in Grand Rapids Michigan.

This is the 1st tattoo I've had where sanaderm was used to heal it. Sanaderm is a medical grade protective adhesive film about the thickness of plastic wrap. But its breathable while prevents dirt and contaminates to get to the ink. So far I'm loving it! What it also does is it seals in the tattoo so you can do things like, ya know, get dressed without anything rubbing it. Also you can sleep without your sheets or covers getting on it. This tattoo wraps to my shoulder blade and I can sleep on that side no problem which is awesome because I toss and turn often and I remember waking up when I had my other arm done and hit it wrong in my sleep. It also keeps the tattoo moist and you dont have to do the traditional wash multiple times a day and apply ointment. They stick it on after the tattoo is washed and dry and you dont touch it. Easy peasy.

You can also buy saniderm yourself reasonably on amazon and put it on at home when you take the plastic wrap off and wash it the 1st time. Just dry it and do not use ointment before applying the saniderm. The official instructions say to change the wrap a couple times. But I've looked all around and many artists do it like mine directs. Put it on in the shop and leave it on.

I was tattooed Wednesday evening. It is now sunday. So almost 4 full days.

The ink and plasma weeps and pools under the film, but it remains sealed and protected, though it does look gross.
Some bonus points is it is getting itchy. Being that its sealed under the film, I'm able to actually touch it and rub it gently and that is very relieving. Also if I move my arm around it moves the film which feels good to.

This tattoo isn't complete yet. I go back in and get all the coloring done in a few weeks. This is after 4 hours of black work.

So heres some pictures. This was during when she was finishing up the outlining. Tattoos in the era of covid, wear a mask!
 This is when it was washed after the line work was done before starting to fill in.
 This was as soon as I got home. The saniderm is in place and you can easily see the deaign
This is a great view of the head without the glare on the wrap. Remember, the tattoo is not done. When I go back the sun will be filled in, the fire in the tail will be complete and the wings will have blue in them. Right now the red tail feathers are only outlined.

 This is today. Almost 4 full days later. The saniderm is getting gross, but the tattoo is still safely sealed inside. The wrap is funky around the edges and wrinkly. I'm looking foward to taking it off, which I plan to do tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll update when I remove the saniderm. So far I'm totally sold on this stuff.
For refrence, this is the picture I drew and gave to my artist which she used to inspire my tattoo. This gives an idea what the coloring will be like.
See y'all when its revealed.
So I got the film off. It came off pretty easy. There is a sticky residue on my skin,  but that'll work off over a few washings. I peeled the film downward and back against the skin. Dont peel it outwards. I did it in the shower to.
Here is the tattoo. I love everything about it and cant wait till I finish it next month. It's perfect, placement is perfect. I love how the wing and tail flexes as I move my arm.

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