Friday, May 15, 2009

Foundation row SC or Chainless foundation

I have just discovered this and so wish I had found is sooner! This method combines your foundation chain and your 1st row all at the same time which makes a nice finished edge that is stretchy. I have started to use this for my next dish mat and it's wonderful! Normally I chain for as long as I think I need then start my work only to find that after I stitch into the chain it's no longer as long as when i started as the stitches pull it. Also it's tougher to stitch into the 1st chain. This method is an excelent substute and much easier to stitch. Now I can make a foundation row as long as I need and not have to rip it out because it shrinks!

Right handed instructions

Left handed instruction


Anonymous said...

After you do the chainless foundation do you start your crochet project on the second row?
My name is Margie

GsCraftsNthings said...

I generally start it on the 2nd row if the 1st row is plain sc or some other stitch. I just work the chain-less foundation in a version of what ever stitch the 1st row will be.