Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

So the school year is coming to a close. Girl Scouts is nearly done and we just wrapped up our cookie sales. I volunteered at the school carnival today and also baked a pineapple upside down cake for the cake walk, it's my standby recipe for these things. I was going to bake my chocolate & cherry cake but could not find a disposable pan with a dome large enough for the double layered cake so we are baking that tonight for the family. Anja is having one of her friends stay the night and they have baked the cake on their own.... that's my girl!

On a more somber note, DH has been laid off and we are not sure for how long. Tomorrow is his last day and he also has some vacation time and personal days to use up and then will be filing for unemployment. Luckily with our taxes we were able to pay off the student loan and only have home equity and mortgage for debt so we are doing pretty good in that area. And I'm a pretty resourceful cook when it comes down to pinching pennies.

Next year I will be the Troop Leader for Anja's Cadet Girl Scouts troop. She just bridged to Cadet Scouts this year. This should be interesting. Though the future is uncertain it defiantly won't be dull!

I have been crocheting "delux" kitchen sets for my uncles who are coming in from out of state for my Grandma's 90th b-day this summer. they include 1 dish mat, 1 pot holder, 1 handle cover, 1 net bag and 3 dishcloths all in matching colors.

Have fun, and always try to look at the bright side of life!


Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

I just love this set Rachel, I hope I do your cotton yarn justice when I use it. I can't use it at the moment as I am packing to get ready for the new house move, once I'm settled in I can concentrate on some thing that my be up to your lovely set!

GsCraftsNthings said...

1/2 the inspiration came from you! The dish cloths are off the pattern you posted and I never knew of the reverse SC till I saw one of yours and I liked it so used it. I'm sure you'll do great... you always do!

Anonymous said...

I am a cadette troop leader too and found your blog doing a search. I also crochet. Do you scrapbook? I am just getting into that! My cadettes are 2nd years up and we now have 3 Senior Scouts. good luck with the cadette troop

GsCraftsNthings said...

I have done some scrapbooking and enjoy it. But being mom of 3 and working full time 3rd shift and my boys are autistic so am a bit extra active in their education, then with Girl Scouts. I just don't have the time it takes to scrapbook. we did collect all the photos of the girls and had them create their own Girl Scouts scrapbooks and everyone enjoyed that.