Friday, May 29, 2009

30 Roses - a poem & pattern

I made this Rose Trellis Afghan for my Grandma on my Dad's side and wrote this poem to go along with it... the pattern is 30 squares large.

The Gift

A dozen roses could not give thanks
for the love that you have given.
Yet a single rose so pure and sweet,
wilts shortly after given.

You may dry the rose to a delicate state,
and display it on a wall.
An untouchable memory that surely would crumble,
if ever it were to fall.

So this special gift I give to you,
made with love and care.
Thirty roses from granddaughter to grandmother,
you may display them anywhere!


Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

Oh very nice! And well written too.

Hey I can't get onto HGTV, I changed my email address with them and I made have wrote it wrong and have not received the confirmation email and they have blocked me from using HGTV, GRRR.

GsCraftsNthings said...

Thanks, I will be going to my grandma's this weekend and will try to take a photo of the afghan to add to this entry. It's the verry 1st shaped crochet i did. the 1st thing that was not a granny square.