Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to make a net bag

G's String Bag

I get allot of comments on the net bags I make. They are very easy to make and rather fast to work up to! I don't write patterns well so I won't try but I will share my "formula" for creating a bag.

I use an I hook and 100% cotton yarn. I prefer to buy my cotton yarn on 1# cones for convince.

The bottom is a classic granny square (I explain how I make my granny squares in this post) that is 7 rounds large and fasten off or continue on if you are keeping it the same color. The way I make my grannies leaves the joining seam centered along the side. You may want to slip stitch to a center point on the Grannie to start the netting.

The netting is ch3, 1SC in space, ch3 all the way around and in the round till you have 18 rows of this then fasten off or just continue to the trim if it is the same color.

The top trim is 2 rounds of 3DC in each ch3 space on the netting and the 2nd round is 3DC in the spaces between the 3DC in the previous row.
The handle is about 20 rows long and done in the same 3dc clusters throughout. to save some yarn i often do my handle in 1dc, ch1, 1dc instead of the 3DC clusters.

And that is how I make my bags. you can of course customize the size to your liking but remember that these bags stretch so the handle length I wouldn't recommend going longer than about 20 rows or 18 for the netting or your bag may stretch to your knees!

Here are some other bags I have made. The 1st one is a close up of the handle followed by a close up of the netting so you can see how i did it. Remember I'm a leftie so my work goes from left to right. You can see in the 4th photo that they really do hold alot! I have 3 cases of Capri Sun's in it! The last bag is a small one I made just to hold my roll of trash bags. On this one the base is round.

I have modified my handle and have included the hand drawn chart for how I make them now. When finishing the last 3dc cluster that sits at the base of the handle I turn and slip stitch back to the space between the clusters and slip stitch into that space and chain up from there. At the end of each row turn and slip stitch back into the ch1 space and chain up. the 1st dc of each round will be your chain up.

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