Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chalanging my self, new tatting project

So I'm trying a new project with new challenges. It's working up rather nicely though I did make a change and am tatting the inner 2 rounds 1st and the shuttles fit through the chains so will tatt the outer 2 rounds. This will help reduce the tangling as i go and be easier than trying to untangel each of the 4 rounds individually each time.. But i did the 1st repeat and now am over 1/2 way done with the inner rings. I am really hooked on this tatting thing! YOu can find the pattern for this wreath/doily at Tatted Shamrock Wreath


Shogun said...

I have seen some beautiful things made by tatting. Afraid to try it myself, but always enjoy looking at what everyone makes. I'll stick with quilting.

GsCraftsNthings said...

And I've tried quilting and just have a hard time grasping the concept ;) I have a sewing machine but am more comfortable in the realm of creating with strands. Though, like you, I do love looking at quilts... some day, maybe.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished project! ☺