Monday, October 12, 2009

So busy!

Well I have to put the tatting on the back burner for a couple weeks. My Grandma's 90th birthday is coming up and i have to make 1 bag for the gift sets I was making a while back and also I want to finish my Dad's dead fish hat so I can give it to him at the party. My Grandma also wants me to bake her cake so I went and splurged on some new cake decorating tools (yup I dabble in cake decorating as well). Got a nice set of tips and some more icing bags and couplers. Also picked up a flour nail and a word thing for writing on the cake. I've done cakes before and they turned out really nice but they were drop star designs though I do have a photo of a really cool halloween cake I made one time with a surfing skeleton on the top.

Here is a cake I made my DD for a bowling birthday party. The pins are vanilla cake and the ball is chocolate. I've got better looking cakes than this one though. psss. it's not a wood board, but wood grained contact paper on a cake board.
This is my halloween cake with surfing skeleton. (got it in the fish isle, it's a tank decoration). I actually used a toothpick to give the waves "white caps" and the blue is multi toned. I don't think I have photos of the Pooh, Tiger or Powder Puff Girls cakes.


Anonymous said...
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GsCraftsNthings said...

just wanted to let you know if you see this. I deleted it because you gave me your full name and e-mail address. But after I deleted it and tried to send you some links the message was returned to me.

It certainly wasn't anything personal. I just didn't think you would want your full name and address out on a public board.

(I've had to deal w/the headache of mass spam before and wish it in nobody)