Saturday, October 3, 2009

Progress on the shamrock wreath

I have cut off the 2 clover sections because I have discovered that the shuttles fit through the finished chains in the 1st round (when using larger thread like size 10) so I don't have to work all 4 strands at the same time which means that I can do the outer rings separately after the inner rings are finished. This will also allow me to have the stitches in the outer rings facing the same direction as the inner rings. If they are worked at the same time the outer rings will be "backwards" to get the project progressing in the same direction. Also I want to add small picots on the clover leaves to help tie them in together os they are not all over the place and in a nice line. Anyway this is the center ring so far. almost done with it. There are 10 repeats total. I did manage to twist one chain but not to worried about that. It probably happes to the best of tatters. Besides, mistakes are just proof that it is hand made ;)


Unknown said...

That looks like a nice wreath! Good job! ☺

Le-Chat said...

Your quick progress really amazes me. But then again I have no clue about the technique... It all looks very pretty to me!

GsCraftsNthings said...

Thank you! I'm always afraid that I sound full of my self when I say this. But these sort of things just seem to come naturally to me. Some times I set forth into a project I've never done and it just turns out like I knew what i was doing. I seem to be good and the more experience i have the better understanding I get of these crafts the better I get.

I just seem to have a gift for most all things creative.