Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crochet pinwheel sparkler suncatcher

I didn't post this before but i know it has been received so now I can. This is the gift I made for our crochet/knit exchange on the HGTV boards. It's crochet directly onto a 12" brass hoop (hard to tell it's size in the photo). I made it and then was stuck figuring out how to ship it. Being 1 foot across, flat and not foldable I had to make my own packaging but I did it and it arrived it good time.
You can find the design at crochet memories (it's a pay per pattern site) I really like her thread work. It's under their holliday designs.
This is done in #10 bead spread weight cotton and a #8 hook. My gauge was a little loose but i just didn't feel like working in a smaller hook size. There are actually 40SC between each point around the hoop.

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