Monday, June 29, 2009

Some of my other art

My daughter found my old sketch book and here are a few of my faves...

These are pen and ink sketches. one is upside down because rather than draw with my hand over the bind (lefty) I turn the book upside down to draw on the next page. I really enjoy drawing faces with focus on the eyes. These are old sketches from my High school days. some from later.
This was a doodle. pen and ink.
Another face.

I also like drawing other body parts such as this hand. They are challenging.

This is a set of sculptures I made. I call them corrosion, distortion and scars. I had other sculptures but they broke over time so this is the only remaining one. The faces are actually made from plaster casts of my own face (life mask). I no longer have the mold.


Sherry said...

Wow! You are good!

GsCraftsNthings said...

Thanks! I don't draw or write like i used to but i do occasionally pick up the pen to capture what is in my head.

And if anyone is wondering how i draw my faces... I start with the eyes LOVE the eyes! then the nose, mouth hair and chin last.