Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Striped knit kerchief

This one is really easy on circular needles and the tie is knit into it. For the band & ties i cast on desired # of stitches allowing for 20 stitches on both ends which will be the ties. I'm still working on the exact amount to cast on that works for me. The one above I grabbed my smaller needles by mistake so it's a bit to small for me but would work great for a child. Either way I like to have a tie that is 20 stitches long.

row 1: in Color A knit the entire row
row 2: cast off 20 stitches then continue knitting the rest of the row,
row 3: cast off 20 stitches (you now have the ties ties on both ends) knit rest of row
row 4: attach color B and k2 together, yo, k2 together then knit the entire row.
row 5: Slide the project back and pick up color A and K entire row up to last 4 stitches, k2 together, yo, k2 together.
row 6: Pick up color B pearl entire row till last 4 stitches p2 together, yo p2 together
row 7: drop color B and slide project back and pick up color A and P2 together, yo, p2 together, p entire row

So in essence you create your edging by p (or k) 2 together, yo, p (or k) 2 together on both sides alternating every other row. Think of it like a dish cloth.

you need circulars to be able to slide your work back and forth to pick up the yarn from opposite ends.

so you k a row slide back and k in opposite color. turn and p in 1st color slide back and p in opposite color.so you are knitting 2 rows (one in each color) then pearling 2 rows (one in each color) to create a stockinette stitch.

I have another on that has a super pretty stitch pattern but am having a hard time making it a symmetrical triangle. I'll get it though. I'm pretty new to knitting so it's all a work in progress.

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