Saturday, August 8, 2009

I got a new camera... again

Well I had a really nice Kodak easy share gifted to me for Christmas 1-2 years ago. DD had a bunch of kids over, including some boys that are always causing trouble and guess what I can't find?

Anyway I went and bought a new camera. It's also a Kodak easy share (didn't want to deal with new software) but my new one is a 10mp instead of my old one which was 8.1mp. It also has a rechargeable battery instead of taking AAA so it's very slim and trim.

In short, my photos will be so much clearer. I have been using DH very OLD digital camera... top of the line back in 2000. He likes it and he can keep it my new one is so much easier.

And to top it off it cost $140 but I had a $100 gift card from work and a couple $ left on another from work so it was less than $40 out of pocket for me... can't beat that!

I have had this cute little mini back pack style change purse and my new camera is small enough to fit into it and the change purse has loops so I can strap it to a belt... how convenient is that! Though I do have my crochet camera case I made for my previous camera.

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