Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why did I frog that?

So I 1/2 finished the stole but ran out of yarn. I went to the store but of course the skeins didn't match up due to dye lot #'s (bought 2 anyway, gotta feed those yarn addictions) so I figured better frog it rather than have something in 2 different shades.

Well after I balled up the yarn (yes, a whole skein) and went to put it back on the shelf with my working stash (bottom 2 shelves in the book shelf behind my chair) I found the OTHER SKEIN in MATCHING LOT NUMBER!!!!

ARRRGGGHHHH. such a waste! I had thought I bought 2 just in case I wanted to make something larger but couldn't find it on 1st glance only to discover it AFTER I frogged an entire skein of yarn!

Oh well, it was a really easy and quick stitch and I think I would prefer to make it a tad narrower next time.

Well now i have 4 skeins, 2 each in matching lot #'s.

And in case anyone doesn't know the term "frogged" it's referring to ripping out your work because you ... rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. So it's just a fun name for a painful, but oh to often necessary act.


Le-Chat said...

Hey there Rachel, I don't know how I missed you started a blog and finally opened that Etsy shop as well... Must have been busy at work. Well I have some extra free time now so started spending more time on HGTV. Hope I made up by adding you to the blogs I follow and hearted your shop on Etsy! Will add you to my blog roll as well as soon as I update.

Hugs and wishing you lots of sales on Etsy,

Astrid aka kobus on HGTV

GsCraftsNthings said...

Thanks! Ya, I've been busy as well. I don't post much about having a blog though occasionally refer to it. Figured might as well.