Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo contest at work

We have a photo contest at work and if you win you can get a grand prize of a extra vacation day and then other little things. they use the photos in their calender and on their inter company web page.

Here are the entries for this year from me.

Aside from a smudge on my lense this one is really cute IMO. It's DH and my older son just lounging around.... in the pool!
In this one it's pretty clear what happened. I got back from the store and set a bag of flour on the counter and never got the chance to take care of it! There was a similar incident involving Crisco but I didn't get a shot of that. But I must say, I'll take flour over Crisco all over the kitchen any day!
This is out at my FIL's property. He lives right on the Saginaw bay, or rather USED TO live on the bay. What you see here used to be all covered in water and PPL would fish here. That is how far the water has receded over the years. You can see by the trees that it used to be a shore line.
"Hey, That's not laundry!" This is a clever up shot of my youngest, Michael, as he peaked his head through the door and was looking down our laundry shoot. At the "top" of the photo is our chimney. Needless to say our laundry shoot isn't much of a shoot but just a hole to the basement.
In this one, Robert hijacked my camera and went snap happy throughout the house and this is what boys do when they are not attended to!