Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michigan Fiber Festival

I took my boys and picked up my Aunt Joy and we went to the Fiber Festival today. it was really interesting to say the least! A festival dedicated to the art and craft of creating yarn. They had sheep herding demonstrations, sheering demonstrations, various work shops, contests for best skein and tones of other goodies for the yarn lover! It was just sooo fascinating!

Here are my photos from the day. It was a short tip. my aunt is recovering from back surgery and, well, I had kids at a fiber festival... not exactly the funest place for kids so they got antsy fairly fast. it was a hot day. But if I didn't have the boys and my Aunt was feeling better we both agreed that we would be in each stall checking it all out.

I didn't shrink any of the photos so if you want to look at them closer just give them a click. i used my new camera which is 10mp so they should be very good to see.

Oh, and my aunt says she has a HUGE braided rug that I can have that will be plenty large enough for the living room! We have all hard wood and I mentioned that I needed to get a new rug and she said she had one I could have. will have to post those when/if I get it!

photos from the animal barns
Raw fiber
Such beautiful work!

Yarn, yarn and more yarn!

One of the bunnies they had out for PPL to pet. they had a whole area of rabbits for sale.
These are form the sheep herding demonstration

Such beautiful yarns! amazing colors!
Spinning anyone? They had a HUGE assortment of spinners, large, small and everything in between. PPL were carrying around their spinners!


Sherry said...

That looks like fun! I would've enjoyed the yarn and products...but also would've liked to see the herding.

My mother has been trying to give me an antique somethingorother that works with spinning yarn. I've been telling her and telling her that I don't have the space for it. Last week I told her that I wanted it.

If I have to hang it from the's going to be mine...

GsCraftsNthings said...

Ah, the things we do for our crafts/arts! Maybe some day I'll take a spinning class. Of course i think my DH would kill me if i strted that as there already are enough snipits of yarn laying around, don't need tufts as well!