Friday, August 7, 2009

my filet crochet curtains (wip)

This is now 7" long and 17" wide. It's working up quite nicely. I bought the pattern at Hass designs (link on left of blog). They have such pretty stuff!

It is crochet in #20 cotton thread and a size 10 hook. My hook (in the photo) is out of a clever set by boye. It comes with a size G handle and interchangeable steel heads in all the sizes ranging up to #14. Though 10 is the smallest I have used so far. I like the set. the little connector ring does tend to loosen but it's really easy to tighten as you work w/o stopping.

These will hang in my small kitchen window (photo in my 1st blog entry). The tie backs are done in the same pattern as the top band of hearts. this is the smallest thread i have worked with so far and am quite suprised at how fast it's working up.

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