Thursday, July 30, 2009

lacy knit pattern

I was playing around with my yarn and needles. I like the lacy stitch I use for the kerchiefs but it stretches irregular then I cam up w/this crazy simple stitch pattern.

This is basic fagot lace

Cast on a odd # of stitches.

every row for a rectangle shawl/stole

(k2tog , yo) repeat to end, k last stitch

simply repeat this row for every row

to reduce into a triangle

row1: k2tog, (k2tog, yo) repeat to end, k last stitch
row 2: k2tog, (k2 tog, yo) repeat to end, ending on a k2tog

Repeat row 2 untill your last k2tog

I used size 13 needles for the 1st photo this which make it a very open and airy stitch. I am making this into a stole, I think it will be pretty.

If you desire to knit this point up.

cast on 3 stitches.

row 1: k1, yo, k1, yo k1
row 2: k2, yo, k2 tog, yo k1
row 3: k2 yo, k2 tog, yo k2
row 4: k1, yo, (k2tog, yo) repeat, k last 2 stitches
row 5: k1, yo, ( k2 tog, yo) repeat, k last stitch
row 6: k2, yo (k2 tog, yo) repeat, k last stitch
row: 7: k2, yo, (k2 tog, yo) repeat, k last 2 stitches
row 8: k1, yo, (k2 tog, yo) repeat, k last 2 stitches

repeat rows 5 - 8 till desired width and length.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rings and Ridges Hot Pad

This hot pad stitch pattern is your basic front post double crochet or "FPDC" (YouTube video - written instructions ). It's worked in the round so you don't need to flip it. One side has ridges that go from the middle out and the other side has rings for each round.

Using a G hook (or H if you prefer) Chain 6 (1 chain for each side of hot pat). join with a slip stitch.
Round 1. (now I chain up a bit different, you can use your own method if you like). After you slip stitch to form your ring insert hook into loop (without chaining) and draw up a loop, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook ch2 (this will count as your 1st DC), DC 2, *ch2, DC3*. Repeat till you have 6 DC clusters, CH1 slip stitch to 1st DC.
Round 2. (this is the same way I chain up coming out of the ring and it will make your chain up nearly invisible). insert hook into the ch1 space your just created, yo draw up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, CH2 (counts as 1st DC). FPDC around each of the 3 posts in row, DC in next CH2 space, ch2, DC in same space, FPDC around each post on next side and DC, CH2, DC in next ch2 space. repeat this to the end and ch1 then slip stitch to your 1st DC.
Repeat round 2 until it's large enough for your liking.
I chain 1 at the end because the space is slightly to large if I chain 2 then slip stitch.
And starting your 1st DC the way I explained instead of the traditional ch3 makes it look more like a DC.
I like to finish my kitchen wares in a reverse single crochet edging. Frames the pieces nice and simple yet giving them the finished look. A reverse SC is made the same way as a regular SC but instead of working into your next stitch you pull your stitches backwards and work into the stitch behind where you just made a SC.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What it looks like when I try to quilt

So, we are clearing out or storage and I came across my old quilting project. Now I must mention that i do have my own sewing machine but I'm not very good with it, nor do I have any idea how to quilt.
My Grandma gave me a box stuffed with fabric scraps and I had a image in my mind. I started and I called it a "crazy quilt" simply because it's crazy. Later I found out that crazy quilts are done in block form and nobody had seen anyone make a quilt like this. I guess that's what happens when you don't know anything and set out to do something like quilting.
The stitching is secure, Where the edges didn't meet well I simply stuck a piece of fabric over top (with edges folded under) and just kept slapping on swatches of fabric where I thought they needed to be.
My initial mental plan was to make it large enough then cut it square and bind it to a backing and tie it off with random buttons across the top.
Now I'm not so sure if it will work or be a wasted effort. I did make sure each piece was ironed flat and the place where i placed it was also flat. Also none of the fabric swatches have stretch to them.
So, what does anyone out there think?