Monday, August 31, 2009

progress on the dead fish hat

It's coming along quite nicely IMO. I think I did pretty good for the color changes areas. this is my 1st actual pattern that I have followed (mostly just wing stuff). I'm using carron simply soft eco yarn.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dead Fish Hat

I found this pattern Fish Hat (dead or alive) and I think it will be vrry fun for my dad. this is the WIP photo. I"m knitting it in the round on 2 circular needles.

snowflake tree topper

I've been doing this one pretty fast. I have 3 flakes done and am working on the base. This is for our United Way silent auction at work. this photo is of one of the flakes but it is not stiffened so it will be bigger when done. and this is a photo from the pattern of what it should look like when done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Spy... bedroom door edition

So the boys door is a hallow door w/o a doorknob. DH took it off the hinges and is shaking the stuff out from inside of it so....

I Spy... bedroom door edition
I spy with my eye....
about 20 Lego's
at least 1 hot wheels
5 wooden blocks
10 crayons
1 marker
bottle cap
milk jug cap
8 inch "magic" glitter wand
nearly a full alphabet worth of magnet letters
wooden puzzle board pieces
spider man toddler silverware set (forgot I bought that)
beaded costume jewelry necklace
Mr. Potato Head's mustache
Mrs. Potato head's earring
Halloween slide puzzle

so I guess it's true that there is never a dull moment in our house ;)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tunisian crochet variation

I don't know if this has a name but it's a little variation I came across when 1st trying to learn Tunisian crochet (or the afghan stitch). I do like this though because it creates a mesh like fabric that is more airy and great for making things like soap sacks and strips to use for back scrubbers, it's easier to dry than regular Tunisian and has a nice exfoliating effect for the bath and of course isn't as dense in the hand.

The main thing is you are working in the back loops for the whole thing, NOT going into the posts/bars.

I always start any crochet by crocheting in the back loops. I like to leave the braided edge of the chain untouched, it looks better IMO. So draw up your loops through the loops in the back of your foundation chain.
Hook them off just as you would with regular Tunisian crochet drawing through 2 lops on hook. the only thing, when drawing up your loops it is VERY EASY to drop the last stitch so you gotta make sure you don't loose it.
As you can see, like traditional Tunisian Crochet your stitches are locked together with the loops. But by going into the back ridges it spaces the rows apart quite a bit creating a mesh like fabric. This is the front of the small swatch I made for these photos

And this is the back.

And this is a soap sack I made using this form of Tunisian crochet. All I did was crochet a square. fold it in half and SC crochet it together on 2 sides. Add a loop for hanging and a round of DC around the top and a tie laced through the DC

Michigan Fiber Festival

I took my boys and picked up my Aunt Joy and we went to the Fiber Festival today. it was really interesting to say the least! A festival dedicated to the art and craft of creating yarn. They had sheep herding demonstrations, sheering demonstrations, various work shops, contests for best skein and tones of other goodies for the yarn lover! It was just sooo fascinating!

Here are my photos from the day. It was a short tip. my aunt is recovering from back surgery and, well, I had kids at a fiber festival... not exactly the funest place for kids so they got antsy fairly fast. it was a hot day. But if I didn't have the boys and my Aunt was feeling better we both agreed that we would be in each stall checking it all out.

I didn't shrink any of the photos so if you want to look at them closer just give them a click. i used my new camera which is 10mp so they should be very good to see.

Oh, and my aunt says she has a HUGE braided rug that I can have that will be plenty large enough for the living room! We have all hard wood and I mentioned that I needed to get a new rug and she said she had one I could have. will have to post those when/if I get it!

photos from the animal barns
Raw fiber
Such beautiful work!

Yarn, yarn and more yarn!

One of the bunnies they had out for PPL to pet. they had a whole area of rabbits for sale.
These are form the sheep herding demonstration

Such beautiful yarns! amazing colors!
Spinning anyone? They had a HUGE assortment of spinners, large, small and everything in between. PPL were carrying around their spinners!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13 is International Lefthanders day!

OK, Ya, I'm into all things Corney. (talk like a pirate day is Sept 19).

Anyway, I know most of you righties are so used to having everything designed for you so if you want a little experiment, try some of these things using your left hand. Ya, it will be really weird and you most likely won't be to good at it but it will demonstrate how "right" things are.

this was a link my my left handed newsletter. Create your own lefty zone
The kitchen would be a particularly good example. Children, get mum, dad and any other righties to do all daily tasks using their normal
equipment, but with their left hand e.g.:

*Stir food in pans
*Fill & pour kettle
*Pour from milk/measuring jugs
*Open tins
*Peel vegetables/fruit
*Open wine bottles
*Use microwave/hob controls (often positioned on right of the equipment)
*Wash up (draining board is often wrong side if you are holding the brush in other hand, so you have to pass wet dishes across your body to drain.
*Using spatulas (angled ones go the wrong way for left hand use)
*Cutting bread (wonky slices using right handed knife in left hand)
*Eating & drinking - reverse cutlery and have drink in left hand
*Cutting - using right-handed scissors in left hand is an excellent example of totally right-biased design that doesn't work well.
*Ironing with board & iron reversed - adults & older children only !
*Using scissors can be an activity for any room in the house, as it works well.
etc., etc,.

And here's a little interesting exercise.... Feel you left side and right side of your brain fight!

Left Brain - Right Brain Conflict
Look at the chart below and say the color of the word - not the word itself.
The right side of the brain tries to say the color while the left side tries to say the word.
Can you do it?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo contest at work

We have a photo contest at work and if you win you can get a grand prize of a extra vacation day and then other little things. they use the photos in their calender and on their inter company web page.

Here are the entries for this year from me.

Aside from a smudge on my lense this one is really cute IMO. It's DH and my older son just lounging around.... in the pool!
In this one it's pretty clear what happened. I got back from the store and set a bag of flour on the counter and never got the chance to take care of it! There was a similar incident involving Crisco but I didn't get a shot of that. But I must say, I'll take flour over Crisco all over the kitchen any day!
This is out at my FIL's property. He lives right on the Saginaw bay, or rather USED TO live on the bay. What you see here used to be all covered in water and PPL would fish here. That is how far the water has receded over the years. You can see by the trees that it used to be a shore line.
"Hey, That's not laundry!" This is a clever up shot of my youngest, Michael, as he peaked his head through the door and was looking down our laundry shoot. At the "top" of the photo is our chimney. Needless to say our laundry shoot isn't much of a shoot but just a hole to the basement.
In this one, Robert hijacked my camera and went snap happy throughout the house and this is what boys do when they are not attended to!

Monday, August 10, 2009

To much sun! But we did have fun!

Me and some family spent the day tubing on the river. I really try to avoid burning and NEVER try to tan but big red got me yesterday! We did have a blast though. The trip was shorter than normal (less than 4 hours) because of all the rain the water was high and fast. I will post some pictures of us when/if I get them. My aunt had a water proof camera. There were about 12 of is and it was a "over 21" trip.

removable/reusable crochet cloths hanger cover

I made this cloths hanger cover from the pattern posted at Crafty Gardener. It's a very simple pattern and can be found several places. But I have changed the method for attaching it to the hanger. Doing it this way allows you to easily remove the cover if the hanger breaks or as I intend; sell the covers for PPL to put on their own hangers. We all have plenty of hangers and it makes no sense to me to buy new plastic hangers that have covers on them when we generally have our own perfectly fine hangers to put the covers on.

Also when joining the rounds after ss to the starting chain I also did another ss in the next stitch and then into the shell opening. this keeps the shells looking the same. if you just ss into the starting chain and then the opening your edging on your shells will be lost and look more like a flat line where it joins.

So this is my joining method. You can click on the photos for larger images.

Make a chain that is 65 stitches long and fasten off. Make another chain 26 stitches long and then SC into the 26th stitch of the previous chain and SC for a total of 13 stitches then chain 26 stitches and fasten off. It should look like the tie in this photo.

Now slip each half of the hanger cover onto your hanger and place the tie behind the hanger as shown.

Now feed each tie from the back to the front through the ch1 space on each shell on all 4 corners.

Pull tight and tie together into bows on the top and bottom. Now if anything were to ever happen to the hangers you can easily untie the bows and slip the cover onto a new hanger!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

I got a new camera... again

Well I had a really nice Kodak easy share gifted to me for Christmas 1-2 years ago. DD had a bunch of kids over, including some boys that are always causing trouble and guess what I can't find?

Anyway I went and bought a new camera. It's also a Kodak easy share (didn't want to deal with new software) but my new one is a 10mp instead of my old one which was 8.1mp. It also has a rechargeable battery instead of taking AAA so it's very slim and trim.

In short, my photos will be so much clearer. I have been using DH very OLD digital camera... top of the line back in 2000. He likes it and he can keep it my new one is so much easier.

And to top it off it cost $140 but I had a $100 gift card from work and a couple $ left on another from work so it was less than $40 out of pocket for me... can't beat that!

I have had this cute little mini back pack style change purse and my new camera is small enough to fit into it and the change purse has loops so I can strap it to a belt... how convenient is that! Though I do have my crochet camera case I made for my previous camera.

Friday, August 7, 2009

my filet crochet curtains (wip)

This is now 7" long and 17" wide. It's working up quite nicely. I bought the pattern at Hass designs (link on left of blog). They have such pretty stuff!

It is crochet in #20 cotton thread and a size 10 hook. My hook (in the photo) is out of a clever set by boye. It comes with a size G handle and interchangeable steel heads in all the sizes ranging up to #14. Though 10 is the smallest I have used so far. I like the set. the little connector ring does tend to loosen but it's really easy to tighten as you work w/o stopping.

These will hang in my small kitchen window (photo in my 1st blog entry). The tie backs are done in the same pattern as the top band of hearts. this is the smallest thread i have worked with so far and am quite suprised at how fast it's working up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

how big to make the starting chain loop

So I was just thinking and decided to post this. When crocheting something that you have to chain a loop an easy way to know how many chains the loop needs to be is do one chain for every 3 stitches that will be stitched into the loop. Like a 4 sided granny square would have a ch4 and slip stitch to form loop then you would put 4 3dc clusters into that chain 4 loop. This is what works for me anyway.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why did I frog that?

So I 1/2 finished the stole but ran out of yarn. I went to the store but of course the skeins didn't match up due to dye lot #'s (bought 2 anyway, gotta feed those yarn addictions) so I figured better frog it rather than have something in 2 different shades.

Well after I balled up the yarn (yes, a whole skein) and went to put it back on the shelf with my working stash (bottom 2 shelves in the book shelf behind my chair) I found the OTHER SKEIN in MATCHING LOT NUMBER!!!!

ARRRGGGHHHH. such a waste! I had thought I bought 2 just in case I wanted to make something larger but couldn't find it on 1st glance only to discover it AFTER I frogged an entire skein of yarn!

Oh well, it was a really easy and quick stitch and I think I would prefer to make it a tad narrower next time.

Well now i have 4 skeins, 2 each in matching lot #'s.

And in case anyone doesn't know the term "frogged" it's referring to ripping out your work because you ... rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. So it's just a fun name for a painful, but oh to often necessary act.