Monday, July 19, 2010

Book: The Best of Terry Kimbrough Afghans

This is one of my favorite books to go to for crochet afghans. The patterns are very well written and there is quite a variety to choose from. Some solid some lacy, others with motifs and flowers.

You can purchase this book on Amazon

Patterns I have made in this book are: Timeless Lace, Shells Galore, Lacy Valentine, Rosebud and Loving Hearts. Each one was easy and a joy to make.

Full pattern list for this book:
Tantalizingly Teal - A bulky afghan worked holding 2 strands together.
Exquisite Shells - Lacy afghan worked in motifs.
Ribbons & Lace - a unique looking afghan with a "ribbon" going through the center of each row.
Victorian Garden - Lacy afghan worked in strips with a flower pattern.
Lacy Diamonds - Lacy diamond pattern worked in strips.
Peachy - lacy shells worked in one piece.
Tea Time - A lacy afghan made of squares joined as you go.
Boudoir - Lacy afghan worked in one piece containing shells and puffs.
Pansy - Square motifs and some contain a 3D pansy flower.
Wildflowers - Squares containing 3 3D flowers each. Pieced together at the end.
Vintage Lace - A one piece afghan done in a ripple lace pattern.
Timeless Lace - A one piece afghan containing many picots.
Grandma's Lace - Lacy square motifs joined as you go wit ha shell border.
Handsome for Him - solid afghan done in panels containing a diamond pattern.
Pretty Pansies - Squares containing very colorful 3D pansy flowers, joined at the end.
Shells Galore - A one peice afghan composed entirely of shells.
Simple Stripes - a chunky afghan worked in one piece.
Aran Comfort - A solid afghan with varying textures.
Hearts Aplenty - A one piece filet afghan but with written instructions (no chart).
Snow Glories - A lacy flower pattern worked in strips.
Wedding Rings - Composed of ovals, large and small squares in a classic wedding ring pattern.
Lacy Valentine - Worked in squares containing 4 hearts each and joined at the end.
Absolutely Gorgeous - A lacy pattern worked in strips
Rosebud - Worked in squares and joined as you go with alternating plain and flowered squares.
Loving Hearts - Worked in open lacy motifs joined as you go with a border of hearts that have flowers in the centers.
Bouquet of Shells - Made in 3 wide panels.

Rosebud baby blanket

I just finished my Rosebud baby afghan for a co-workers son. One of the ladies I worked with asked me how much I would charge to make her a blanket for him and I told her that if she bought the yarn, picked the pattern and I would make it and we could call it a gift from both of us. So this is the pattern she chose. I got it out of my afghan book (Best of Terry Kimbrough Afghans).

This afghan can be made with any amount of squares and the border instructions do not need to be changed.

Here are a couple other views. click for larger image if you like.

close up of the corner.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DD's b-day cakewiches!

So we are having DD's party today and we just finished the cakewiches. one is ham & cheese on "rye" and the other is yet another pb&j. The ham & cheese one is butter creme frosting for the "mayo" and marshmallow fondant for the ham and cheese it is a yummy fondant recipe! easy to follow and make. for the ham I used brown Wilton frosting coloring and a touch of orange. the cheese is just orange. I colored the ham frosting before putting it on so it would be more marbled but the cheese was done as it was being made to make it more uniform. The fondant frosting is a marshmallow fondant which is really quite good and easy to follow.

I"m going to dust the white spots w/cocoa powder to help hide them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So Anja's b-day is coming up soon (and I will soon be the parent of an official teenager). She has my since of humor and we saw this cake pan made by Fred & Friends. I bought my pan from Amazon.

I figured that since I have not made it before I would do a test run to see if there are any changes needed. the box comes with recipes for a pound cake and peanut butter frosting. It's really quite good. The cake is not large but being a pound cake you don't need large slices. I will be making 2 for her party. The directions say to cool it for an hour in the pan and then remove. But I think next time I'll cool it for less time as it cracked while unmolding it. But here is my 1st cakewich. I used strawberry preserves along w/the peanut butter frosting.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A small town celebration

I went to my Grandma's town yesterday and they had their 4th of July parade on the 3rd. I took some photos. She lives in a small town. My uncles were in visiting and after the parade we took the kids to the ice cream shop around the corner. I like small town stuff like this.

Here's my youngest with his bag of candy he collected.

And what parade would not be complete without the hot dog eating camp!