Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art Prize 2012

I took the kids down to Art Prize yesterday and here are some of the amazing art that is scattered around our awesome city! I think Art Prize is the best thing our city has come up with. It's the largest art competition in the world.

you can enlarge these images for a closer look.

this one is made of old tires

 I'm sorry, I don't know why these images are loading sideways. I switched them to up and down before uploading them and Google want's to load them sideways when I upload them to the blog. But I think these are great so I won't delete them.

 The whole city is available for art exibits. There is a art district and they are displayed at random through. Many are displayed within our museums and during art prize the museums are open to the public at no cost. This was clearly placed in our river.
 There is no limit to the medium that is being used for the art that is submitted. this display uses many recycled items.
 I really liked the penguins which were placed in our water fall/fountain in front of the Gerald R. Ford presidential museum.
 This was another display located in the GRF museum. it was quite amazing from all angles.
 Not a part of art prize, but this is just a button for the kids to play on in the park.
 Another exhibit in the park along our river.

 This is another piece made form recycled items. Below is the main which is made form strips of film.

 Another recycled piece and and a close up below.

 I really liked this, shame it had to load sideways though.

 This is done entirely in pencil.