Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saginaw River - Graveyard of ships

We went to Bay City MI this weekend for my grandmother -in-law's funeral. She passed away at the age of 93 in her sleep.

I took some photos of the graveyard of ships along the Saginaw River in Bay City and thought I would share as I think it's interesting so maybe someone else may as well. Please click and enlarge the images for better views and to be able to read the description of the graveyard.

These ships sunk at least 100 years ago and were left where they lie and what you see are the remains of these "tall ships". You can see the outlines of the hulls and different portions of the ships. Back then the water in the Saginaw River was much higher. I have another series of photo's which detail just how much the water has dropped in the Saginaw Bay.

This one is "E"These are "F, G &H" actually not sure if H is visible.

Another good shot of "E"
This is one I took off the River Walk which you can see in the background of the other photos. I do not believe this one is on the map and it runs directly under the river walk bridge. IF you enlarge the 3rd photo in this post you can see the river walk and then the stubbs of this ships remains sticking out at the base of the massive pillar. it looks like small sticks sticking out of the water as it's a far away image in photo #3

And here is one of me.

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