Thursday, July 8, 2010


So Anja's b-day is coming up soon (and I will soon be the parent of an official teenager). She has my since of humor and we saw this cake pan made by Fred & Friends. I bought my pan from Amazon.

I figured that since I have not made it before I would do a test run to see if there are any changes needed. the box comes with recipes for a pound cake and peanut butter frosting. It's really quite good. The cake is not large but being a pound cake you don't need large slices. I will be making 2 for her party. The directions say to cool it for an hour in the pan and then remove. But I think next time I'll cool it for less time as it cracked while unmolding it. But here is my 1st cakewich. I used strawberry preserves along w/the peanut butter frosting.

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