Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crochet kerchief

Crochet kerchief

i have this posted on this blog but it was a while back and the pattern was not written as well.

These work up fast and are easy to make. The open stitches hold your hair back without making your head hot. I wear these nearly every day. The ties are long so if you want you can pull your hair into a pony tail and tie it again around to hold the rest of the hair out of the way.

Hook size: H & I
Yarn: Peaches'n cream
(one ball is not quite enough for 2 full kerchiefs)
chain (ch)
double crochet (DC)
single crochet (sc)
slip stitch (SS)

When starting these kerchiefs be sure when SC into the chain row to work into the back ridge leaving the braided edge open and stitch free. This not only makes a neater edge but also makes it easier to work into both sides of your chain.

You can start this 2 ways.

Foundation row: Using a foundation row single crochet and do a foundation row of 73 stitches using the H hoook. switch to the I hook and chain 20, switch back to the H hook and ch1 and SC in each chain. join to the 1st stitch.

Chain start:
Using the I hook chain 73. switch to the H hook and ch1, sc in each ch to the end. Switch back to the I hook, chain 20. switch to the H hook, ch1, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each open chain. Slip stitch to the 1st chain you made.

If you are making your band a different color than the triangle you can either just do a foundation row of 93 with the H hook and fasten off(do not use the I hook for this method. Or chain 93 stitches with the I hook and SC in each chain with the H and fasten off.

For the rest of the kerchief you will only be using the H hook.

Row 1: ch3, skip next stitch, DC in next stitch (ch1, skip next stitch, DC in next stitch) repeat until you have 26DC and 25 ch1 spaces (do not include the 1st ch3.

Row 2: Turn, ss into 1st chain 1 space, chain 3, DC in next ch1 space (ch1, dc in next ch1 space) repeat to the 2nd to last ch1 space. Skip next ch1 space and DC into last DC.

Repeat row 2 and reduce until kerchief has reached it's final point and you cannot work row 2 anymore. break yarn and weave in ends.

In this 2 color one i worked the band and did the ch3 joined in color B and alternated between colors for each DC made. I changed colors after the DC was completed. so I with color A, DC. than drop color A and with color B I ch 1, DC 1. drop color B. with color A chain 1. continue this to the end. and at the end of the row hold both colors together and chain 3. and than work alternating colors back.

This pattern is available as a PDF file


Rebecca said...

Very cute! These will be perfect for summer. :)

Rachel G said...

I wear them nearly every day at work and when we turn on the fans I use the ties as a pony tail holder and tie my hair back with them. I wear them so much that when I don't have one on I have had complements on my hair cut ☺