Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another day at the gardens!

I took the kids to Meijer Gardens today for the butterfly exhibit. We also took a walk around the sculpture park. Normally we don't walk around the gardens but go straight to The children's gardens. I did a post a while back that has a few pictures of the gardens in it.

This is a very photo intensive post. I took many pictures as we walked through the gardens. We are lucky to have such a place as this near us. I do love the art here. I purchased a membership so we can go any time. The boys love the children's garden.

You can click and enlarge all of these photos. I didn't shrink any of them

Here are some of the butterflies

And these are some of my favorite sculptures from the gardens

This is my personal favoriate, It is outside and you walk by it on the way to the gardens. It is done in a way that no matter which direction you look at it, there are always faces visible.

I believe this one is called History Lesson

This one you will want to click and take a close look at

This one is Nuron
This one you can see year round from the street

This is part of their current exhibit

And these are from the children's garden

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