Thursday, January 20, 2011

now using PDF file format

I just went and got a host to load my word document pattern stuff to PDF files which are easy to save to your computer. I don't have but 2 at the moment but as I make stuff here and there that is somewhat worthy of a pattern page I'll link them as a PDF file in the post.

Also on the left between where the followers are listed and my flicker photo widget I have added a page link which will also list the links in just a alphabetical list for quick reference.


elaine said...

Oh lovely Rachel - didn't know you are writing patterns now. Excellent!
Is it easy to make a PDF file and you have to upload it to a host? Interested to know how to do it if I ever finish any patterns, that is;)
Hope you are keeping well, elaine xxx

Rachel G said...

At 1st I was making it much harder than it needed to be by creating a Word doc. than converting it. But All you have to do to make a PDF file from a word document is when you go to save your document Name it how you want as normal and then in the "save as" window (maybe scroll down if needed) PDF file is an option and if you save your word doc as a PDF you now have a PDF. Nice and easy.

I found a free site, Keep and Share ( ) where you can than upload your documents to link to. you do have to set them to be public so anyone can go and "get them" w/o having to log in. They send me updates as to which files have been viewed each day and how many times. I like it.

elaine said...

Thanks Rachel, thats really helpful. I would have been trying to convert files too:) Nice to know there is an easier way! xx