Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simple and squishy rib scarf

I knit this on size 10 needles but you can use what ever size you desire for your yarn. I got this stitch pattern from someone on one of my knitting message boards and it has become my favorite "go-to" scarf pattern. Suitable for men or women!

Cast on in multiples of 6

row 1: k3, p3
row 2: k1, p1

repeat these 2 rows till the scarf is of desired length.

If you want a cleaner edge you can cast on a extra 2 stitches to your grand total and just slip them on each side.

Here are some close up photos of what this stitch pattern looks like. The Pink scarf was done in Bernat Camo yarn and the black and white one was done in Red Heart Super Saver Zebra color. The pink scarf is 36 stitches wide.

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thankyou is wonderful and so quick