Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cherry leaf scarf

So I finished my 1st lacy knit project. Cherry Leaf Scarf is a free pattern. I used Carron Simply Soft Eco and I steam blocked it ( as it's an acrylic). This was also the 1st time I grafted 2 pieces together And the 1st time I blocked knitting. I guess you can chalk it up to progress! Anyway, the pattern was fast and easy. I made a few mistakes on the1st half but plugged away and used it for a swatch so I could try some things and iron out some kinks and see how it looked doing it different ways. Then I started on the "real" thing when I felt good enough to do so.

my grafting, pretty good for a 1st try IMO.


ducky said...

ooh, very brave of you to show a close-up of the grafting, and very well done, too! Lovely scarf, and beaut colour, also

TypsTatting said...

Love the scarf and the colour as well!!!!!