Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yarn babies

If your SO ever wonders why your stash keeps growing....

Yarn get's lonely and an unattended stash of yarn set quietly in a corner or tub will reproduce. Acrylics don't always produce acrylics, and natural fibers don't always produce natural fibers. If acrylics and natural fibers are stored together and left alone some strange and fun yarn babies may soon pop up.

Now some yarn babies are rather simple and plain. Others may require more attention and be higher maintenance then their parents. Some may not like your trusty hook or needle and my cry for some new tools. It may help to try different things to find what they want and nurture them. Also some yarn babies may not want to be like their parents. They may require some new patterns you never thought of making. You may need to learn some new stitches to help build their character.

Stash growth is not limited to the creation of yarn babies. Some times old family members will return home when they hear there are new arrivals and you may find a reunion on your hands. This may come in the form of some vintage yarns.

Stashes also tend to migrate towards each other. You may find odds and ends making their way into your stash from the strangest places and different corners of the globe. Diversity is good, it breeds a healthy yarn environment. And don't be ashamed of those crazy family members that pop up in the form of novelty yarn. They may seem to wild and crazy, but fun fur and ribbon yarn deserve love to.

Be aware that your stash may also draw you to other stash owners. This should provide endless opportunities for yarn bonding amongst fiber and friend.

So love your yarn, and your yarn will love you back!

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