Sunday, March 14, 2010

I do love me a good zombie movie!

Ah, last night was movie night (if you couldn't tell) and I also rented Zombie Land. That was a really good zomibe movie IMO. Don't worry, no spoilers here.

But seriously, it's a zombie movie and I bet you can already guess what happens.

What makes a good zombie movie?
special effects - keep them "old school" no need to get all technical and fancy, get a good makeup artist and you must have LOTS of rotting flesh and blood. Not to mention the occasional broken bone sticking out for effect.

humor - seriously, they are zombies and it's been done before. Lets not pretend to be all serious about the whole thing. The more gruesome the effects are and the better and cheesy the humor is the better the movie is. Sure, there are some good serious zombie movies out there. But at this point in the history of zombie movies, humor is where it's at.

And I expect some good zombie action in my zombie movies.

I loved this movie. Had all the right stuff for a great humorous zombie flick. The zombies were faster and more energetic than your average zombie but it was a nice touch.

I can't pass up a zombie flick when I see one, no matter how bad or good they look like they will be.

Another AWESOME zombie movie that is funny is Shaun of the Dead! A must see IMO.


Audrey said...

I loved Shaun of the Dead! I will watch Zombie Land as soon as Netflix sends it.

Rachel G said...

I'm sure you will love it! Had DH and I laughing out loud and DH is not a movie person at all.

Audrey said...

I get it tomorrow. I'll let you know what I thought of it.

But tonight we watch "SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis"

Rachel G said...

Looking forward to your opinion on this one.

so many zombie movies, so little time.