Friday, March 5, 2010

Lacy Vine Scarf

Lacy Vine Scarf

So, I found this stitch pattern for a lacy vine stripe I cast on thinking this would make a really pretty scarf. But it appears that most of the decreases and increases were slanting wrong for my taste. they did not create the same look on both sides so I had to do some tweaking. and after all was said I really like the new look of it. I like my stuff to look the same on both sides when they are supposed to look the same.

I have made this available as a PDF file.


I finished the scarf and blocked it. My Dad was over and watched it being blocked. He agrees, blocking knit lace is like magic! He was really surprised at how large it was after being blocked compared to it's size when simply finished knitting.


Ana Luisa said...

it looks lovely! I'll have to try my hand at knitting again someday.
Well done!

Jennifer said...

Ooh, that's beautiful! Great job on that.

Rachel G said...

Thanks! I'm currently addicted to knit lace. It's like magic watching them grow with blocking.

tracy west said...

Hi, This is so pretty. I would love to try to knit it. Is this pattern written somewhere? I'm not good at looking at the charts.
Thanks so much.

Rachel Gough said...

I only have it charged.I can let you know if I write it as well.