Sunday, December 6, 2009

Creating an angle

I have been making another pineapple lace angle. The pattern can be purchased at Crochet Memories. The pattern is very well written (as all of her patterns are). My only suggestion is instead of trying to crochet into the chain stitch just crochet into the space, it's easier.

You can click on any image to get a large detailed view.

So here are the stages. 1st 2 photos of the pieces simply off the hook and having nothing done to them.

this is my drying station if you will. I cut a paperboard cone and taped it on top of my large Pyrex bowl. Then wrapped another cardboard box with a plastic bag (turned inside out) for the flat pieces. The 1st time I did this I didn't pay any attention to which side of the bag was out. The ink didn't bleed onto the project buy why take any chances.
I am short on pins so I soaked the wings in Elmer's glue all - all purpose glue (slightly diluted with water) and pinned the wings. I took my blow dryer and held it on the wings so it would dry faster and I could use the pins for the halo.

Here is the angle body drying. There is a white pipe cleaner thorugh the arms for shaping and to help hold the trimmings when she is done.


She is finished! I used the glue nearly full strength so she is very hard! But this is going to someone else so she has to be more durable. The rose is just slipped into the "hands" and tied with ribbon. The ribbon is tied and not glued. I figure this will allow the owner to change the look if they desire to. Or replace the rose/ribbons if they fade.


Charlene T said...

Beautifully done, you should feel very proud of this!

KR said...

WOW! That is amazing!

raelynn said...

This is just amazing! I love it; good job.

Rachel G said...

Thanks! Lace is one of the things I really enjoy crocheting. I love to stiffen it because it just seems to defy gravity. The pieces look so delicate yet are so firm!

tattrldy said...

Your angel is beautiful! Very nice. Thank you for posting the steps and your 'accessories' I've wondered how to have them keep their shape - and get them in the first place!

Rachel G said...

Thanks! I like doing this sort of work but some times you really gotta get creative about how to dry them so I figured I'd share my methods. I found that the cone on the Pyrex bowl gave a nice flair at the bottom.