Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My new tatted dragon

Finished the dragon. These are fun to tatt!

So I'm making another dragon. This one is for a friend to give as a Christmas gift. I only need to make the other wing and it will be done. I took the tips from tatting chick about climbing out of a round with 2 colors and applied it to my dragon. i think it looks really cool (but I may be a bitbias). I also have had a revelation. I figured a way to hide my begining tails but not my end till today. I figure if I end on a ring I can do it as a SSSR then just snip the tail close to the work when it's all done and no weaving needed the end is locked under the stitches!


elaine said...

I do love your dragon - you are very clever:-)I didn't know you could make such complex things with tatting!

Rachel G said...

It's quite amazing what PPL can make. I'm only a beginner but the possibilities are endless!

Here is a page of absolutely STUNNING work from Celtic dream weaver

Anonymous said...

I am also new to tatting and will be doing the dragon as well. I hope that I have not taken on to big a task.
Margaretha. Qld Australia

Rachel G said...

Expect to make mistakes but just think of how much you will learn from trying a pattern that is more advanced! My 1st dragon had alot of errors in it but I still really like it and learned so much. I had to look up the stitches just to be able to make it.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up how to do the SSSR and that took me two hours. I got it in the end. Anyway I started the Dragon this morning. It seems to be going okay.
Margaretha Qld Aust.

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, so many tatter's just love Anne's dragon pattern! I love that SSSR! I was so intimidated by it's name at first! Then, I found Anne's video on YouTube on how to do it and I understood. It's so easy once you get the hang of it! Good job!