Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some assembly required...

MY ASS!!!!

My parents got the boys a play kitchen for Christmas. Robert was so excited that as soon as he unwrapped it he suddenly wanted to go home and didn't want the rest of his presents. He even started to shove the box towards the door.

So I got it home and opened it up. There couldn't possibly be more assembly required. All the pieces were connected together with runners. So just to start putting it together I had to cut it all apart!

But needless to say at least 2 hours and 1 beer later It was done and is well loved! So all the effort was worth it. The boys really love their kitchen and playing with food (which they have a TON of!)

And lets not forget the best part.... THE BOX!

And all that turned into this.... And the final product!


Dorothy said...

We were just commenting on the packaging and how impossible they are to open even before you begin the assembly. Thank goodness my husband has patience...because I want to scream every time I see how they package toys today...

Dorothy from grammology

❦TattingChic said...

That is so cute! WOW! What a LOT of work!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it. You had asked if I stiffen my tatted tree top angel like you stiffen yours. The answer is
1) yes, I did stiffen it
2) I have no idea if I stiffened it like yours because I have no idea how you stiffen yours! ;)

I used some commercial fabric stiffener like "Stiffy" and draped the "body" doilies over a plastic wrapped styrofoam cone.

Now, that Christmas is over...Happy New Year!

Rachel G said...

Ya, that's how I do it also. I have a post showing my angle being blocked . I use Elmers all purpous glue-all slightly diluted w/water.

junkermidge said...

Kids always seem to enjoy the boxes almost as much as the gifts. So awesome. You have a fun blog, I enjoyed visiting and am glad I found it.

Rachel G said...

I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm a very active but extremely random person in my interests. I also have a happy disposition in life. I may not always know why, but it works for me! :D