Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter recipes

Here are some fun winter recipes.

Snow Ice cream

Get about 1 gallon fresh fallen snow. You will want to wait till the snow is deep enough to be sure to get CLEAN snow! and the fluffy stuff works best, don't want wet snow.

Add about 1 cup white sugar
1 tbs vanilla extract
and about 2 cups (give or take) of milk

The richer the dairy product, the creamier the ice cream.

Mix the snow, vanilla & sugar and gradually add the dairy till you reach the consistency you prefer and enjoy! Kids love to make this!

Snow slushies
Get fresh fallen snow. Mix Kool-Aid into a really concentrated mixture. Works best if the mixture is chilled so it doesn't instantly melt the snow. Pour over a cup of snow and enjoy!

My large, family sized hot cocoa mix

This is another really easy recipe and great to have on hand.

In a salable container. Mine is 4.5 qt/4.3L large. I dump in an 8 oz container of regular cocoa powder (buy using this size container you do not need to measure the ingredients).
1 box (makes 8 quarts size) powdered (dry) milk
then fill the rest with sugar.

I don't like to mix it in my container as it's tall so i dump the ingredients in the container then put them in a big bowl for mixing and then back in the container when done. I use generous 1/3 cup scoops per mug. The kids love having it on hand during the winters. And it's good in coffee to!

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KR said...

What a great recipe! :) Thank you for sharing this!